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Black on Most Days

ISBN: 09785858-3-6

Black on Most Days is Lancaster resident Le Hinton's fourth collection of poetry, billed as "a jagged exploration of the themes of depression, religion and isolation." Illustrative photos of a gun and a blank tombstone emphasize the dark mood.


*** Lancaster Sunday News

The Heart of the Matter

I am astonished at the asceticism of olives,
the black keys on an otherwise white piano,
and how jelly tolerates the infidelity 
of peanut butter with bread. 

I’ve always been a bit slow in appreciating
the finer points of intimacy,
the way stuffed animals casually stand
mouths agape while witnessing 
the crumpling of dreams in a bedroom. 

The tightly closed leaves of an artichoke
protect it from the lies of Casanovas 
and other insatiable insects,

but in the end 
most olives lack a beating red center.

*** First published in Cerebral Catalyst

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