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Waiting for Brion

ISBN: 1-979294-45-1

Reading Le Hinton's Waiting for Brion is like taking a walk with him. We talk of bitterness but walk on the bright side of the street. He's smart, not showy, and seems to know a lot more than his visceral, precise, spare words & private glimpses allow me to see. And we laugh, quietly, as much at ourselves as at the follies around us; part company a bit less lonely in spit of knowing, " there aren't many epiphanies."


** Gene Hosey former poet laureate of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

City Park/Rainy Dawn



my steps echo

between the drops

of rain

and the scent of morning,

matching the rhythm of

dawn in the city




riant squirrels chatter

about the rain,

the branches,

and the acorns that will

not fall fast enough

for the morning meal.




still, I wait,

weighing the utterings

and absences

of those who claim to

love city parks and

walking in the rain.

*** First published in The Patriot News

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