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 2014 Public Poetry Project - 14th Annual "Evening of Pennsylvania Poets

Anne Arundel Community College

 Little Patuxent ReviewReading


Online Published Poems: 2024

Alenier, January 2024

    "It Was the Last Word She Said"

Online Published Poems: 2023

Summerset Review, Summer 2023


     "Allies and Ancestors" 


Online Published Poems: 2022

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, October 31, 2022

     "Before I Go"

Online Published Poems: 2021

One Art: a journal of poetry, July 21, 2021

     "Meditation on Rain on a Blue Porch"
     "Meditation on Rain on a Black Porch"
     "Meditation on Rain on a Red Porch"
One Art: a journal of poetry, June 20, 2021
     "Sunday Morning Service"
The Progressive Magazine, June/July 2021
     “Traffic Stop: Internal Conversations of a Black Man”

One Art: a journal of poetry, May 31, 2021

     “A Poet’s Mother Dies from Covid”

Online Published Poems: 2020

Prolit Magazine, December 2020

     "How We Pray"
     "Hope in an Empty Time"

The Skinny Poetry Journal, January 2020

     "Praise Song for Marlin"


Online Published Poems: 2019

Henry Crawford Poetry, January 2019,


Goss, July 2019,

     "Landscape X of Human Design"

Online Published Poems: 2018

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, March 2018,

     "The Dissonance of Yellow Chords"

The Skinny Poetry Journal, February 2018,

     "Another Black History Month:"

        "Revolution [19th Century,"

        "Sunday Morning,"

        "The Content of Our Color"  

Online Published Poems: 2017

Shot Glass Journal, September 2017

     "Uses of Cotton (Grief)"

Shot Glass Journal, September 2017


The Skinny Poetry Journal, April 2017

     "The Jazz Piano Skinnys:"

        “Theolonious Monk”

        “Bill Evans” 

        “Art Tatum”

Online Published Poems: 2016

The Skinny Poetry Journal, November 2016

     "How to Build a Fire"

The Skinny Poetry Journal, August 2016

     "School & Church"

The Summerset Review, Spring 2016

     “Uses of Cotton (Visibility)”

The Summerset Review, Spring 2016

     “Uses of Cotton (Eraser)”

Online Published Poems: 2015

Delaware Poetry Review, Spring 2015


     "Elegy for My Other Father"

Third Point Press, May 2015

     "About Planet You"

     "To the Telemarketer at the Other End of the Ringing"

Truck, June 2015 "

     Everything Reminds Me of Jazz"

     "The Last Nights of Ecstasy"

Other Selected Poems

The Baltimore Review, Winter 2013


The Little Patuxent Review, Winter 2013

     "No Doubt About It (I Gotta Get Another Hat)"

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