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 2014 Public Poetry Project - 14th Annual "Evening of Pennsylvania Poets

Birdies Cafe

Le Hinton reading "Jessie."


Prose in Pubs

Le Hinton reading "Prayer for Topaz."​​

 Little Patuxent Review Reading

BCTV Poets' Pause


                         Le reading from Sing Silence on Berks County TV's Poets' Pause 

                                                        August 8, 2018


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 Library of Congress

Grace Cavalieri's The Poet and the Poem

     featuring Abdul Ali and Le Hinton


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The God of Our Dreams * Coda


     Every act of communication is an act of translation.

                                                                — Gregory Rabassa


All humans speak multiple languages

but never anyone else's.


A boss's no knife/no back policy

becomes garbled in the red liquid aftermath

of a pen to the jugular.


Daddy's little girl says nothing

for 8 weeks and no one understands

her subtlety.


A new love smiles in Portuguese.

I love you, he says.

Only if, she responds.


Shh. Listen to your neighbors' dog

listening to their neighbors' ecstasy

without an accent.


Translate that if you can.



                                Le Hinton



from The God of Our Dreams

Copyright Iris G. Press 2010