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The God of Our Dreams

ISBN: 0-9785858-5-2

Where does one find some harmonies within the chaos of our experience?

Does the “God of Our Dreams” exist? Fearful of a world so fragile with loss it is difficult to believe one can ever trust happiness again, the personae of these poems discovers that it is, indeed, still possible to re-discover love – unexpected, unexplainable — untranslatable — but calling us, nonetheless, into the mystery of light.

Michael Glaser, former poet laureate of Maryland



after you get through this

whatever this is


after the chaos of your heart

has been artfully rearranged so that the cracks

and chips aren’t obvious

or they appear to be simply an element of your abstraction


after you stop wishing

that your heart would stop beating too


after the shadow version of the self you once were

becomes the definitive take on your life


after you become accustomed

to the scent of French vanilla tea

steeping in only one cup


after the black callus of pain

becomes just another part of the body

and you fail to notice

the grass stains on your pants

from kneeling and praying

and thanking the gods

for a brief fragment of their favor


after the hymn of her conversation

has become a dissonant

throbbing silence


after all of that becomes part

of the new lesser you

will you ever be able

to trust happiness again?

First published in Ken *Again


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