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Status Post Hope

ISBN: 0-9785858-0-1

Le Hinton takes the architecture of poetry and language out on the town. And a good time is had by all. Hinton is quite an entertainer. With a little wit and humour, and a whirl of a waltz and watusi and e.e. cummings, Le trips off into a style that suggests a kind of post-modern surrealism, yet one that is actually neither/nor.


*** Marty Esworthy author of twenty-six javanese proverbs




No.  I’m not going to be all right.  Nothing

is all right now.


   —Duke Ellington (upon being told of the death of Billy Strayhorn)



this is not for you

nor even for me

this is not for those whose

faith is in the academic complexities

of William James, James Joyce,

Henry James or any of the James Gang


this is not for

the intellectually gifted


neck has never become wet

while pondering the meaning

of life


this is not for those who trust

that “things will get better” “time heals all wounds”

“someone better will come along”

or “we’ll buy you another dog”

they don’t possess the aching

wisdom of knowing you get just one father,

one love-of-your-life or one faithful dog

if you are lucky

they don’t understand that there is no cheerful Ghost Dad

to counsel you through your latest crisis

or your best, last, and only shot at true love walked out

the door with a law student named Kurt

or that you just wrapped the best friend

you will ever have in your favorite Yankee

sweatshirt and buried her beneath the bush

she liked to dig under every spring


this is about the pain that you

never invited but has

taken up permanent residence

in every empty space

and every open gap it can find

in your soul


this is for those who scream

fuck closure because it is not

possible to close a door, a chapter

or a casket lid on crystal pure love

no matter how many psychiatrists get rich

or how normal they want you to be


this is for those with arthritis of the heart

who terminally limp

from birthday to birthday

Christmas to Christmas

stabbed repeatedly by

the knowledge that there will always be

one less present to buy


this is for the 19-year-old with sparkling brown

eyes and soft boney body that will never

be held again.


this is for those who are status post hope

with no chance of full recovery

yes, this is for me

but maybe it is for you too

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